What is FreenetIS?

  • information system for managing non-profit networks
  • is able to manage:
    • user groups, users, user access rights in the system
    • double-entry accounting system (payments, double-entry transfers, bank transfers, accounts, bank accounts, cash flow)
    • network infrastructure (devices, segments, interfaces, IP addresses, subnets, VLANs, VLAN interfaces, ports)
    • network management (monitoring, DHCP servers, traffic statistics)
    • work reporting of active users and work approving
    • lists of calls and billing of VoIP
  • developed by students of FAI TBU in Zlin, FEE CTU in Prague, currently supported by several non-profits associations
  • GNU/GPLv3 license
  • available at sourceforge.net
  • multilanguage support – english and czech
  • try demo installation

Are you interested in FreenetIS? Feel free to mail us. It is possible to arrange for development of improvements, which will suit your needs.

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